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Music From the Heart and To The Heart

Everyone faces different problems in their life. Everyone who is alive faces different issues in their lives that they are dealing with. Some have issues that they don't know how to deal with or they don't know where to turn. This is where a Life Message Artist is used. God puts that message into their heart and they share their life experiences through music and through the message of the music. 

A Life's Message Artist

Paul Summers is a music ministry that deals with life. Paul has faced many struggles in his life and these struggles and these experiences has given him the capabilities to minister to different life issues. From drugs, alcohol and even physical/sexual abuse his messages will reach the very heart of the issue and minister to that problem. 

The Music Is The Message

Just about anything someone is facing Paul's music ministry has the message to reach the heart of the hardest person. Every song he sings is directly from the heart of the singer and the message of the music will minister to every need. 


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